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About the company

The joint-stock company "Karbonat" is one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which specializes on manufacturing crushed technological limestone in fractions ranging from 0-25 mm to 60-120 mm.

The history of the foundation of the joint-stock company "Karbonat" takes its roots back to the '80s-'90s of the last century. Back then the decision was made to build in the Dzhizak region of Uzbekistan on the base of the Kutarmin limestone deposit of the large industrial mining enterprise and its basis were established.

The enterprise is located in the Forish district of the Dzhizak region near a highway with an asphalt covering of the First category «Dzhizak-Nurata» in 40 km away from the city of Dzhizak.  Located 7 km away from the joint-stock company "Karbonat", is a village "Bogdon", the population of which makes up over 10 thousand people.

Our enterprise actively and productively co-operates with a number of the strategic companies in Uzbekistan, in particular, with the joint-stock company «Almalyk mining and smelting industrial factory», joint-stock - joint venture company «Horazm sugar», joint-stock company "Uzmetalfactory",  FDI LLC «Angren sugar»,  joint-stock company "Uzbekhimmash Factory", joint-stock company  "Tashrangmet Plant" as well as some others.


The open-cast mine is developed, in accordance with the technical project, specifically designed by corresponding experts and approved by the government bodies.

The blast-hole drilling works are made by a separate site of the specialized organization which have all the necessary technology allowing to produce blast-hole drilling works up to 50.000 м3 in volume per month, which makes over 125 thousand tons of limestone.

At the enterprise, a great attention is paid to resolving social and ecological problems. Gardening within own territory by the water chinks are constantly conducted. The enterprise also includes a dining room, a bakery, a two-storied administrative-household complex, an equipped first-aid post, a subsidiary farm, and a hotel.

The enterprise's production is shipped to consumers in dumpcars or gondola cars.

Our products
Fraction 0.1 - 10 mm
Fraction 10 - 25 mm
Fraction 60 - 120 mm